iSharePoint FAQ

What is iSharePoint?

Your iSharePoint card or app are both universal and can be used to collect points at any participating locations. The points you collect can be used in any participating stores.

How much does it cost to join iSharePoint?

No, there is no cost to join the program.

Where can I get iSharePoint card?

You can pick up a free iSharePoint card at any participating locations and activate it online at

How do I earn the points?

To earn the points, you will need to scan your card or your mobile app with our iSharePoint scanner at any participating stores.

Can I use the points I earn at any participating locations?

Yes. You can use the points in the stores which participate in iSharePoint program.

Do I need a smartphone in order to join?

No. You don’t need a smartphone to join. However, it is convenient to use the iSharePoint app to get the most out of the program.

Do I need a different iSharePoint card or app for each store?

No. After you've activated your iSharePoint account, you can use your card or app at any participating locations. We automatically keep track of everything for you.

I just downloaded the app but I already have a card. Can I merge the points on my card with the app?

When all your points are tied to your account, your app and card are in sync. You can use either one to earn points.